Oud Product

Kinam Attar

First of all, no. This does not contain a single drop of actual Kinam extract (there would be extra zeros in the price tag if that were the case).
But what this is, is the sublime sister to our most popular Attar ever: Agar Attar.

This has been in the Agar Aura pipeline for a very long time and took an incredible amount of trial and error to perfect.

Just as Agar Attar was an approximation of the 'universal oud' scent in the form of a readily wearable and easily accessible parfum, Kinam Attar is also an attempt at approximating a certain scent. Except this time its not just agarwood, its the finest agarwood... Kinam.

Alternative candidates for the name of this attar were "Poor Man's Kinam" and "Special K" – so, you get the idea.

A fusion of juxtaposed species of oud oils with opposing scent profiles were carefully blended together to cancel out each others' dominant geographical signature notes in order to resemble the perfectly balanced aroma of Kinam. Crassna, Gyriops, Malaccensis, Microcarpa, and Sinesis oud oils were utilized, together with a few other essential oils to act as bridges.

Don't expect a buzz, coz this ain't real Kinam.
But what you can definitely expect is skipping in circles with joy, because the scent that this Attar achieved is not only something you have dreamed of owning in an easily wearable oil, but also something many would have gladly paid far more for.

wow! I know it's not "real" Kinam, but it gave me quite a buzz. It's one of the most beautiful scents I've ever smelled!!
many thanks for your work and generosity.
O.O. (USA)

If it was a Japanese incense you were going for with Kinam Attar, tell me which and I'll tell you if it's EXACTLY what I smell.
And if you WEREN'T going for an incense, but rather the wood itself heated, then, well...this incense company apparently nailed the scent as well. ??
C.W. (USA)

What a beautiful composition! Would that we had the gift of eloquence so that we could give just due to your accomplishment. High-end Japanese incense in a bottle? The accords that you artfully bring together in your compositions are rich in their complexity, subtle in their tonal colorations, and absolutely brilliant in their aromatic soundings. It is a real delight to walk among others accompanied by these gentle airs of fragrant loveliness, and to share by our simple presence the wonderful scents of your artisanal creation. Thank you.
J.S. (USA)

Geez... really good job with this one ?
M.N. (Canada)

The kinam attar is really wonderful, its got to be my favorite so far!, Im ordering a bottle, fantastic work!
M.B. (USA)

Kinam is such a dynamic attar. I'm getting a lemony citrus, a minty/menthol, a bit of jammy blueberry, and a touch of ambergris, all with a nice low-end bass and an unmistakable oud bring it all together. The range of notes is so wide. There is so much more going on here.
C.S. (USA)