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Just as Agar Attar was an approximation of the 'universal oud' scent in the form of a readily wearable and easily accessible parfum, Kinam Attar is also an attempt at approximating a certain scent. Except this time its not just agarwood, its the finest agarwood... Kinam.

A fusion of juxtaposed species of oud oils with opposing scent profiles were carefully blended together to cancel out each others' dominant geographical signature notes in order to resemble the perfectly balanced aroma of Kinam. Boasting three royal level Agar Aura oud oils and a hord of unreleased Special K oils, Crassna, Malaccensis, and Sinesis oud oils were utilized, together with a few other essential oils to act as bridges.

Real Kinam it may not be, but what you can definitely expect is skipping in circles with joy, because the scent that this Attar achieved is not only something you have dreamed of owning in an easily wearable perfume, but also something many would gladly pay far more for.

Note: This rendition of Kinam Attar was formulated to mimic the scent of heated Bruneian kinam wood (warm, milky-sweet, spicy). If this is well-received, we plan to formulate two more versions as well, Vietnamese and Cambodian kinam.

Brain melting stuff
R.S. (USA)

I’ll be in touch soon again with my thoughts on Kinam Attar v1 after more tries. Right now, regarding Kinam Attar, the most appropriate thing for me to say to you is BRAVO!!! It is exquisitely lovely - nothing dominates too much, subtleness at every turn and kinamic whiffs into the next day. You will know better about this - but I have heard that one can tell a lot about the skill of a painter by their treatment of edges and outlines. If I could be afforded one painterly analogy, I would say that the olfactory scentscape you’ve composed has such well blended colors and
sfumato transitions that make it a real delight to try to guide one’s nose to find the edges. Irresistible. After spraying it on last night, I immediately regretted not being able to secure another bottle. Looking forward to v2 like you wouldn’t believe.
R.J. (USA)

Now I have tried the Kinam Attar a few times I can report I am really enjoying it. It’s kind of what I expected oud to smell like when I first tried some. Majestic! Maybe one day I will get my nose of some actual Kinam but if not then this certainly satisfies.
J.W. (UK)

Kinam attar is offbeat. It is divergent from other sprays and attars I have smelt, so far. It’s not best in the league. It belongs to a different league. This league is where wise men ruminate, wearing Kinam malas, enjoying rarest of the Oolongs.
Starts off with slightly medicinal and bitter notes like something from very high grade Sinesis oil. Settles down on skin like the delicate veil made from most exquisite see through silk. This is when, Kinam attar takes you on an odyssey to a far-off land. A pilgrimage, a cosmic manifestation or a super dimension. Call it whatever you want.
I have no clue what ingredients or accords have been used in this perfume. I get something different, each time I spray it. I get the subtle spiciness of Cinnamon, somewhere in heart I smell the coolness of Fennel, and if I take a deep sniff, I get almost minty notes of Borneol. I would describe it as a woody spicy incense perfume.
There is a very delightful parallel that I draw every time I sniff it. If you take a piece of aged mahagony or teak and sand it with coarse sanding paper, you smell fresh resin and clean wood. I get that note. It is hard to describe. Perhaps, resin coming out of a wounded teak tree would smell like it.
Another time it threw me in another dimension and reminded me of one of the best days of my life. It was when I went truffle hunting. Accompanying me was my wife’s dad and his wisdom. After you burrow out then truffles and smell the soil. This perfume gives off that damp, earthy, forest floor impression.
It simply captures all the notes that I love. Sweet, spicy, woody, incense. All the fixins’ are here.
I was fortuitous enough to be able to buy it. I feel so content that I have this bottle in my possession. It’s something to cherish. I’ll revere it and treasure it. I will wear it only when I think I deserve to wear this scent. This perfume commands that. Applause for Taha. Keep creating such wonders. This was my first from Agar Aura. The first of many. I love it.
H.S. (USA)

Taha the composition you put forth is glorious. Let me tell you how I perceived it from the beginning of opening this beautiful agaraura box that you had put together for this release. Holy smokes good golly that's before spraying it just smelling it from the raw unsprayed bottle brings to mind visions of the finest ambergris(I don't believe that you used ambergris in this but that's the smell i was getting before spraying the bottle) and proceeding to one small spray on my hand pure bliss and coming to mind are spades of Darul Aman as it slowly wears down its just so smooth so awesome and pleasant I'm not going to even try to break down this beauty or call out notes but those were just a few things that popped out to me also I have to ask you did you use any priprioca oil in this composition? I swear to be getting faint whiffs of it along side a mild rose but I could be very wrong all I do know is that it will be a joy to wear and share and oh how special it is when your spraying a perfume that is of this caliber and not being stretched out by SYNTHETICS : P take care Taha and I look forward to seeing V2!!!
J.S. (USA)

Just wanted you to know that I had a full wearing of Kinam Attar yesterday and I was just blown away. That stuff is just pure magic. Seriously, my entire day was influenced by that beautiful aroma all day.
S.C. (USA)

Kinam attar is a sesqueterpene beast...opens up like an incense store and spicy .. dry down is like the drydown of AA oils
N.C. (USA)

Hi taha kinam attar has become my favourite fragrance of all time i am so grateful is there a oil what is similar or your expert advice i feel i would love any of them hope i could arrange with you the other 2 perfume attars in the series you are creating with kinam in near future
J.R. (UK)

This is masterpiece level **** bro. This is a benchmark for me in oud perfumery. Will be very hard to top.
It is such a masterful scent of perfectly blended ingredients. The oud is raw yet extremely refine smelling. Kinamic 100% but with more complexity. Smoke, flowers, sweetness, bitterness. **** man. I rarely get blown away like that... This stuff is really nuts man
P.O. (USA)

What on earth is this Kinam attar
MashaAllah absolutely beautiful!
S.A. (Saudi Arabia)

The drydown on Kinam Attar is actually immense you know, its SO nice!
H.M. (UK)

My favourite from the 3 and possibly my favourite sprayable Oud perfume ever.
The image I get is of white smoke wafting straight up into your senses. Lightly sweet, spicy resinous this is Royal Grade oud on a burner.
R.L. (Canada)

Straight up Neo dodging bullets mind bending.
B.R. (USA)

Oud, oud and oud dominate the opening. Oh, and a little clove and spice.
No barnyard, just different oud oils with varying scents.
Oud novice or veteran this is a treat for your nose.
Kinam is a term thrown around a lot. I’ll leave you to do your own research as to what it is and why it is so valued. It is aptly used in this perfume.
I have never tried an oud perfume like this before. It is unique. I’m quite sure nothing like this exists elsewhere in spray form. It actually does smell like a type of Kinam (there are multiple).
Kinam Attar is medicinal, menthol, something slightly indolic. Hints of vanilla and milk. Some spices in the background to support the oud. Touches of cola and green jungle.
After some time I swear I pick up a bubblegum note!
Drydown is splendid, consisting of resinous citrus sweetness. I can’t stop sniffing!
This is the clear standout from the 1st collection.
Worth the price tag? Yes from me.
Z.H. (UK)

I am wearing Kinam attar today and it is spectacular !
M.N. (UK)

Just smelling kinam attar from the bottle. It's heavenly.
R.J. (USA)

I am wearing Kinam Attar right now and I don't even know how to describe it. Just pure AA oud with a spicy twist. Super high end oud oil used in high concentration. Heavenly.
A.Z. (USA)

Simply divine! Kinam Attar Extrait is so beautiful. Thank you for your passion and creativity.
S.C. (USA)

wow! I know it's not "real" Kinam, but it gave me quite a buzz. It's one of the most beautiful scents I've ever smelled!!
many thanks for your work and generosity.
O.O. (USA)

If it was a Japanese incense you were going for with Kinam Attar, tell me which and I'll tell you if it's EXACTLY what I smell.
And if you WEREN'T going for an incense, but rather the wood itself heated, then, well...this incense company apparently nailed the scent as well. ☺
C.W. (USA)

What a beautiful composition! Would that we had the gift of eloquence so that we could give just due to your accomplishment. High-end Japanese incense in a bottle? The accords that you artfully bring together in your compositions are rich in their complexity, subtle in their tonal colorations, and absolutely brilliant in their aromatic soundings. It is a real delight to walk among others accompanied by these gentle airs of fragrant loveliness, and to share by our simple presence the wonderful scents of your artisanal creation. Thank you.
J.S. (USA)

Geez... really good job with this one ☺
M.N. (Canada)

The kinam attar is really wonderful, its got to be my favorite so far!, Im ordering a bottle, fantastic work!
M.B. (USA)

Kinam is such a dynamic attar. I'm getting a lemony citrus, a minty/menthol, a bit of jammy blueberry, and a touch of ambergris, all with a nice low-end bass and an unmistakable oud bring it all together. The range of notes is so wide. There is so much more going on here.
C.S. (USA)