Oud Product


If you tried our first release (i.e. official release on the website) of the extrait Blu, chances are that you were amazed by how an oud could smell like that.
Now you can try one of the two pure Malaysian oud oils used in crafting Blu. Sadly Kuno v1 suffered an accidental spill, hence this Kuno is the one and only officially released version.

Both Kuno's were distilled from ancient stumps found in the jungles of Pahang and Kedah. Whereas our typical raw material consists of heartwood from agarwood tree trunks, I decided to see what happens when you distill old stumps left behind from harvests of trees in an era gone by.

The result was... certainly not what most would expect. 
Brilliantly vibrant, cooling ozone, sparkling oceaning azure-cum-emerald notes, an ambergris-like umami flavor, mixed with the classic jungle green, twangy cola, pepper and zesty rugged woods. 

This oud oil scent profile – which contains azulene (the same compound that is responsible for the blue color of essential oils like blue chamomile, blue tansy, etc) is one of the rarest, and is generally only found in oils distilled from old-growth agarwood of southern Indonesian islands. 
Once you grasp this profile, you will understand why Blu smelled the way it did.

Note: this is a limited-time and limited-quantity release, as part of the batch has been reserved for the production of future perfumes.

Ships by July 5