Oud Product


Kyoryoku is Bhamo's sister batch, not only from the same region but in fact the very same harvest.
And although Bhamo's raw material was all-out royal level, the wood for Kyoryoku (the two bags on the left) was not that far behind (solid high, bordering royal level).

With nearly the same scent profile and 🧠⚡️ effect as Bhamo, Kyoryoku is a no-brainer – especially for the price.

Scent-wise, Kyoryoku possesses practically the same profile. Salient notes of herbs, spices, tea, and flowers.
But the herbs are more herbacious and there is a distinct addition of wildflower honey.

The mind buzz was undoubtedly the most prominent feature in Bhamo – just read the reviews. So how does Kyoryoku compare?
Intensity-wise, Kyoryoku is less electrifying but rather carries a heavier punch. Also, the place where it hits the brain is the same but for those who got overwhelmed by Bhamo's 1000V zap, the good news is that Kyoryoku's hit is smoother. We'll call it a 750V zap.

In short, if Bhamo was out of reach for you due to its cost (or if you want a second bottle of a not-so-lite 'Bhamo Lite' for more regular wear), Kyoryoku is the perfect oil for allowing you to experience one of the most beautiful (and unique!) oud profiles out there.
Best of all, the wood grade was well above the minimum threshold to qualify it as 'mind medicine' oud – Agar Aura's forte.
Bang for buck? You need not look further.

Kyoryoku is amazing. Herbal and honey all the way through. It's a very tranquil oil, and I can see myself coming home and sitting down to a swipe of this after a hard day's work.
T.L. (Japan)

For top notes I got a tangy, spicy, soapy scent. I the middle I got bitter kyara scent. For base I got a lot of sweet cinnamon mixed with wood. It was an extremely pleasant oil with a lingering scent. The dry down was intoxicating. Very nice!
T.J. (USA)

Wow masha Allah
Banger solid oil bro...
Potent and buzzy.
T.D. (USA)

both oils amazing in their own rights. tbh if i didn't know bhamo existed, i would think kyoryoku is royal level. Has an amazing scent and no lack in buzz department.
T.D. (USA)

I tried Kyoryoku and it remind me of Koh Chang with the backbone of Bhamo.
J.L. (USA)

Kyoryoku is very perfumey....
Got enough buzz too.
M.P. (UAE)

Golden color, moderate viscosity; like light honey.
Smell: to my nose it opens with fruit on a bed of camphor.
Begins with a melon+green fuzzy sweet+slightly citrus hum on a bed of cinnamon heat
Then anise-dusted-marshmallow.
I see it as a sweeter (citrus, not kumquat, but w/melon and crystalline florals), more kaleidoscopic (back and forth upon the senses w/fruits v. florals [light a bright jasmine w/some fresh, vegetal notes]), more nuanced version of Koh Chang (in its Indo-Chinese [so-called] DNA of tart-to-[not quite] bitter notes, and gentle medicinal quality), with peppery, slightly musky-but-sweet drydown.
A.J. (USA)

Highly perfume-y and resinous.
A.J. (USA)

Kyoryoku = good 🧠⚡
J.W. (USA)