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Myitkyina 4K

By now, if you've smelled enough genuine top shelf incense-grade ouds, you will have noticed they all share a certain  common note in the heart and base... an unquenchably addictive steely-bluish-purple-floral-zingy-cola-pepper note that simply cannot be achieved using distillation tricks.
Myitkyina 4K has that in spades.

Myitkyina (pronounced "Mee-chee-nah").
If you're a serious oud collector, just the name should be enough to warrant your attention.

Like all of our oils with "4K" in the name, this is the textbook-definition scent profile of agarwood from the jungle it hails from. And Myitkyina 4K smells like old-world Myitkyinese agarwood.

Take the scent profile of Myanma Gold, and stretch out the peaks and valleys of the aromatic spectrum. The top notes are more effulgent, the heart is massively thick and round, and the base... oh the base! Packed with that steely bluish-purple narcotic incense chords which only wood above a certain grade can bequeath to an oil.

Compared to v1, this v2 batch is 'chewier', heavier, and rounder smelling. Whereas the v1 had more high-pitched notes, v2 is several octaves lower in pitch.
That's not to say there's nothing interesting happening in the upper-register notes. Au contraire, this was a full-spectrum distillation as always. If v1 was like a serve by Samuel Groth, v2 is like a bullet train.

Kham Lao and Myanma Gold were both high grade distillations, and they were immensely popular and widely acclaimed.
(quick refresher, I categorize oil grades as: intro, medium, high, royal, and ultra royal)
If you're ready to push the envelope and ascend nose-first into the world of topmost-shelf oud (full-blown royal grade), M4K is your first-class ticket.

Yesterday, I've tried Myitkyina 4K! Another beauty! It has some parallels to Royal Myanma. Could it be that the wood is from the same location? 😀
M4K has also some parallels with Lao Gold. It's a hot oil (as opposed to Blue Malay)
Ethereal with orange zest after drying down. Spices, roasted tea leaves, light smoke and medium-brown woods
M.M. (Spain)

The Myitkyina 4K just blows me away, though. This is a personal oil — not to say its shy, not at all— it just takes me to another place. This one is for space travel, personal introspection. Love it. I still enjoy Myanma Gold, what a lovely oil but Myitkyina 4K shows what it means to level up
G.R. (USA)

Myitkyina 4K for my tastes is the best oil smelled until now
awesome deepness
C.B. (Romania)

First impressions -
Opens with a familar note of Myanma Gold. Compared to Myanma Gold, this opening is more radiant, and with a warm glow.
Progressing further, it has a steel-like aroma to it, and drydown reminds me of some facets of heating Green Kinam. Creamy, milky, warm, slightly sweet, with a tinge of green.
Wow, what a complex oil. Definitely need more time with this one.
There's a note in the drydown.. I dunno what yet.. But it's a note I am very fond of..
Its the smell of very high end oils..
How should I put it.. Hmm.. I only find this note in oils like Kyara LTD 2.0, Nha Trang LTD, and now in your Myitkyina 4K...
This one deserves a mention. A unique scent to my nose. It has a incensey mixed with a creamy scent. Very unique. Personally, I haven't come across anything like this before.
P.L. (Malaysia)

This one deserves a mention. A unique scent to my nose. It has a incensey mixed with a creamy scent. Very unique. Personally, I haven't come across anything like this before.
M.M. (Australia)

Myitkyina is absolutely beautiful ! The profile is atypical... the development is unbelievable
S.T. (France)

S.T. (France)

Truly masterful distillation
I close my eyes and see images of unseen shapes and feelings. Hard to describe the scents, but nothing short of beauty
M.K. (USA)

These oils are unbelievable. So great. I was most interested in Siam 4K since I have Kham Lao and Myanma Gold... but Myitkyina 4K blew my mind.
G.R. (USA)

The Myitkyina 4K may well beat out <...>. A very sincere thank you for including that sample. From the description of the scent I thought it would be redundant in my collection but it will be anything but. Enjoying your educational info as well.
J.F. (Canada)

Yellow and later on green-metallic impression if that makes sense
😳 also quite strong projecting, it’s really spicy, like peppery, I also get vanilla and tea and medicinal herbs.
B.S. (Germany)

This myitkyina is
M.K. (USA)

So far Myitkyina 4k is the standout. It really is amazing how good that one is. I always thought my fav oud was Malay and it’s very good for sure. But what is going on with Burmese Oud. I rarely see it and have no info on the region as it isn’t as popular.
R.S. (Canada)