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Myanma Gold

When asked what 'the best oud' is, I always say kinam. When pressed further and asked what country's oud is the best, I always say that different from each other they may be but they're all fantastic (so long as the wood was wild, and high grade).

But I'm fully aware of the fact that the majority of oud lovers do love some oud profiles more than others. It's no surprise that even in the international agarwood (raw wood) market, there are some jungles which are more prized than others.
In Myanmar, that happens to be Myitkyina, in the northern tip of Kachin State – and that is where Myanma Gold hails from.

This oil was distilled right at the onset of the Asian 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns (far earlier than the Western hemisphere), and just like Kham Lao, it's awesome bang-for-buck value for it's price is directly a result of the rush sales of price-slashed batches of wood that hunters and dealers tried to move before the world shut down.

Myanma Gold is awesome, no doubt about it.
But besides the excellent grade of wood that was used in this distillation, what makes it even more special is that it possesses one of those universally-loved oud scent profiles. Myitkyina wood naturally has one of the most overlaps with Kinam/Kyara... and kinam is, well, awesome.

Deeply penetrating yet rounded and smooth, Myanma Gold first unfurls sweet green and bright gold bitter-sweet woody notes, immediately followed by a captivating combination of tea leaf, vanilla and sweet condensed milk. Hints of sweet spices, predominantly cinnamon and black pepper, add a delightfully tingly flavor – ever tugging the scent profile in the direction of kinam.

Myanma Gold breaks an incredibly long hiatus where Agar Aura did not distill any wood from Myitkyina. Aside from the disappointing quality of most of the wood coming out of the jungles there nowadays, another big reason for the hiatus was that it's almost impossible to get Myitkyina wood without inadvertently putting your cash into the pockets of those funding the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.
Not only was the wood for this oil ethically sourced, but its fantastic quality is a throwback to the good ol' days, back when the jungles of Myitkyina were speckled with towering centenarian agarwood trees.

Myanma Gold. Unveiling the hidden wonders of Myanma oud.

It's a real beauty.
T.L. (Japan)

This is a must oil for people who missed Bhamo. Same DNA
Top Notes: Green bitter sweetness of Honey
Mid Notes: Honey melows down leaving the greens and bitterness to take over
Base notes: bitterness, greens, creamy, woody, hayish (kinamic whiffs)
D.P. (India)M

Myanma gold was really complex to me...
the first thing you have In your face when you swipe it and then smell it is ....
Wouah kham lao???!! Or Lao 4K ?!!
Something buttery, creamy, milky, on warm bred... so « gourmand »! But few minutes later I can feel the typical breeze of the see or mangrove ... something salty with tea leaf, and his development is long there is lots of variation...
S.T. (France)

I’m loving this Myanma Gold. And what a crazy time to be releasing Burmese ouds, right? Though I suppose it’s been one challenging time after another in the area for some time now.
Anyway I’m definitely getting big whiffs of Vietnamese style Kinam... AND it’s actually got some of those tea like notes I was after as well! What a fantastic oil. It’s so 100% pure Agar Aura that I can’t help but smile. Man, pure bliss in those top notes. And in the backbone I’m getting some notes that I’ve never seen before in Oud— almost describe it as golden umami?-- it’s gonna be really interesting as my mind wraps itself around this one.
G.R. (USA)

Myanma Gold has the same vibe as Mahkota, which I have to confess, is the one I like best. Of course Mahkota is deeper, sharper, richer and longer lasting but Myanma is also very, very good!
J.G. (Poland)