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Pursat 4K

The intensity of Bhamo, with a flawless expression like Berkilau, and the raw material comprising of rare wild Cambodian agarwood from Pursat... you know this oil is going to check all the boxes.

But the most amazing thing about that the raw material was that it possessed an aroma that was a near-identical match to the single most spectacular batch of Pursat wood I have ever smelled – a batch second only to kinam in its sheer beauty, limpid perfection, and panoply of ethereal mind buzz.

Check marks all the way down the list, the wood was approved, boxed up, flown to Malaysia, and hand-crafted with the aim of preserving its true aroma and thrumming live essence.

Pursat 4K is an Ultra HD display of the scintillating qualities, every delicate detail and keen edge intact, of old growth Pursat wood. One whiff will be enough to make you understand why Pursat agarwood was the most beloved to the bigwig Chinese connoisseurs, out of all the jungles in Cambodia.

For those who have never smelled raw agarwood from Pursat, it smells more like agarwood nuggets from Hong Kong or Quang Nam. Unlike most Cambodian agarwood which tips in favor of sweetness, Pursat agarwood has equal doses of bitter and sweet, and a 'green-gold' aroma unlike the more common reds and purples of most Cambodian agarwood.

Bursting with vibrant energy, the first notes to hit you will shoot straight to your cranium. Green and gold fumy incensy chords like the burst of aroma you experience when you place a densely resinated agarwood chip on a glowing lump of charcoal.
Although this is NOT a 'Special K' oil (nor was the wood), but genuine Pursat wood of this scent profile does indeed have an eerily large amount of overlaps with White and Yellow Kyara; and so, this oil does as well. Rugged-yet-vanillic woody, bittersweet herbal, and dense folding layers of spicy sweet black resin.
Running simultaneously with the K notes are the signature Pursat notes of sweet green apple skin and grape juice. But most importantly, it unabashedly displays the most salient quality of ancient Pursat agarwood: a concentrated dose of the quintessential marrow of ALL Indochinese oud.

If continental Asian oud is your thing, Pursat 4K just might be your holy grail oud.

The pursat 4k is truly divine and it is just getting more intense as the time passes. It seems to love my skin.....I don't even have words to describe it.
L.C. (UK)

No words to say about this exquisite oil. Just smell and take it in and hopefully it takes you to a better place than where you are physically if not then find the closest clinic and check yourself in.
M.M. (USA)

It's by far the best Cambodi I've put my nose to. Clean green yellow opening but the best part is the mid and dry down oh the Kinamic whiffs
D.P. (India)

Pursat is a crazy oil. If you have the chance to try Pursat Select, do try it. Pursat 4K is Pursat Select times a lot on brightness and piercing notes. A wold class master artisan distiller at his best.
A.K. (USA)

PURSAT oh man!!
SCORE - 11/10
P.P. (India)

Every time I inhale the spot where the oil was swiped, it was a strong punch to my senses. To put it simply, it was mind-numbing.
P.L. (Malaysia)

This fragrance is beautiful. The regal, perfumey sweetness. The excellent, Cambodi drydown. Sniff. Shake my head. Laugh. It's that good.
A.J. (USA)

O God! This Cambodi does something to me. SO BEAUTIFUL. Getting better and better. If these are the pleasures of the WORLD, then I can hardly imagine what Paradise is like.
A.J. (USA)

AA Wild Pursat - such a great smell - sweet and true to Taha's latest Pursat 4K oil!
J.W. (USA)

AA Pursat 4k and Koh Kong 4k all day today. One on one arm, one on the other. P4K starts pleasantly bitter green and moves into golden sweet territory. KK4K starts golden and moves to a subtle sweet milky smell that keeps you going back to that spot for sniff after sniff after sniff. UHHHMazing!
Z.W. (USA)

P4K and KK4K
can actually relate to that sniff that same spot again nd again .... berry laced sweet creamy note in Koh Kong
P4K love how the intensity of honey and bitterness plays hide n seek while still maintaining its milky woody properties in the dry down...
Both these oils have changed Cambodi for me forever
D.P. (India)