Oud Product


This is Pailin Special K's little sister.
I had previously reserved this oil for perfume-making, but considering what it represents I've changed my mind and decided to release it as a standalone pure oud oil.

Although not boasting the jaw-dropping super kinamic scent profile of her heavy-hitting sister, this oil still has some pretty neat things to offer.

For starters, this represents the most 'universal' Cambodian scent profile. A stone's throw away from Pursat and Koh Kong to the south, and Battambang to the east (home of our future-release Kinabang, but we'll talk about that another time), our Pailin possesses scent notes typically associated with each of these neighboring jungles. The perfect 'ambassador oud' for the Kingdom of Cambodia, if you will.

Even more importantly, Pailin personifies what a well-distilled every-day Cambodian oud ought to smell like.
After trying it, some may scratch their heads; Taha, shouldn't this be north of $600 a bottle? The answer is no. Yes, the quality is excellent (old-growth wild agarwood), but the wood grade (read: cost) wasn't of the caliber of our high, royal, and 'ultra royal' grade oils.
This is a solid Agar Aura mid-grade oud oil, a category which sadly hasn't had too many installments lately.

(folks, do yourselves a favor; learn the difference between quality and grade and you'll save a LOT of money if you buy oud oils regularly)

There's the green zing of Pursat, but without the terminal bitterness. There's the sweetness of Koh Kong, but instead of red stone fruits think date jam. There's the doughy nutty marzipan and vanilla-cake type flavors of Battambang and Siem Reap, but toned down.
But most importantly: it possesses the textbook definition scent of that addictive 'poison' note that is the salient feature of Pailinese wood (not far from Laotian as well as certain Yunnan and Hainan ouds).

Not too bitter, never too sweet; perfectly balanced – Pailin may likely become your favorite everyday-wear signature oud.

Pailin is going into the heavy rotation. Keep bringing out more in this mid-range please. It's quite long lasting, too.
T.L. (Japan)

This oil reminds me (in scent profile) a lot of Pailin SK, but without that certain unexplainable minty/frosty top note the SK oils have. I could see this being a great every day Oud to wear when you don’t want to get your brain fuse totally blown, but want a solid, wow inducing scent which really has some great longevity. Still very uplifting and addictive. Gorgeous!
Z.W. (USA)

Pailin I love it
V.D. (UK)

Took a small swipe of Pailin. I like it and it has a floral bouquet and unless I’m hallucinating (daydreaming at least, lol) I pick up a slight kinamic note.
M.B. (USA)