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Royal Sumatra

One whiff of Royal Sumatra, and the first question you might ask yourself is... "why aren't there more Sumatran oud oils in the market?!"

In the case of oils, its understandable. The way Sumatran oud oils are typically distilled in Indonesia, they usually end up smelling like beef and corn soup. Or burning tires. Depends on the chef.
But Sumatran wood is quite spectacular. Which of course means... distilled Agar Aura style, i.e. without tampering with the true aroma of the wood, a Sumatran oud oil should be awesome too.

To date, there have been only two other Agar Aura Sumatran oud oils, Ambrosia and Sumatora Jinkoh. Although both were lovely, they were not representative of the island as a whole, rather, both were two very specific scent categories found within agarwood of this island.
Sumatra is a massive island. Royal Sumatra is the finest ambassador of the agarwood of central Sumatra.

Incense grade raw material, check. Awesome aroma, check. Mind buzz, CHECK!

If you love your oud oils calorie-dense and replete with richness, you'll be delighted by Royal Sumatra.
There is a ton of Malayesque cola, but with so much vanilla and so much cream... its more like cream soda. Immediately behind the mouthwatering flavors is a dark fumey incensey chord (freakishly close to Royal Lao), the hallmark of all real incense grade distillations. Compared to neighboring peninsular Malaysia, arguably the most blatant defining feature of Sumatran wood is the frosty wintergreen-blue note (lovers of Blue Malay, take note). Plenty of that in this oil too.

And just as the heated wood (during the choreography session, to establish the distillation parameters) started veering towards Indochina with the odd Borneo notes popping up here and there, the heart and base of the oil reveal some surprises as it develops on your skin. Primarily vanilla pound cake baking in the oven (Indochina) and a medley of wild flowers and spices (west Borneo).

If you want to set a high benchmark, and get up close and personal with the truest unwarped aroma of high-quality high-grade archetypal Sumatran agarwood, then Royal Sumatra is for you.

talk about a crazy mind buzz!
D.M. (USA)

Royal Sumatra came in Today - and I have to say, this is one of my favorites!
J.W. (USA)

You have perfected the Sumatran oud oil in Royal Sumatra. I love the green minty notes and the dry down of high-quality Papuan oils, think <...>, i love it, mesmerizing. I can see people referencing to this oil in the future as the gold standard for what a Sumatran oil should smell like.
I.S. (USA)

As for Royal Sumatra, that one is well done. I've smelled a Kyara oil from another vendor. I have to say that your oil is actually wearable. It's more on the mellow side to my nose. I get a combo of sandalwood and florals in the opening and then a mellow Kyara note. I'm going to enjoy wearing that one on Wednesday! Thank you for these high quality oils.
T.J. (USA)

I thought I would love Prachin and I do, but royal Sumatra is I don’t know ... it is something else. I need some time with these and will get back to you on which one I will be ordering!
A.E. (UK)

Was in DHL office I opened and I smell Royal Sumatra, my tears comes ....
Probably I will ask to reserve for me Royal Soumatra 1 or 2 more bottles
N.B. (Hong Kong)

Royal sumatra: beautiful evening , Sitting around a bonfire having toasted bread with jalapeño jelly.
Begins with nice smoky woody smell and then develops into a nice mildly sweet spicy smell.
R.A. (USA)

Royal Sumatra was one of the oils I got to drain on my recent trip to Malaysia. When Taha applied some to my arm fresh out of the pot, I lost my mind. I had never smelled a oud oil like that in my life. Someone asked me what it smells like. I told them it’s a universal oud and has smells and notes from all countries Oud related. When I smelled it there, I made up my mind that this is going to a very special oil which I needed to have. Truly a rare diamond of a oil!
A.K. (USA)

Truly regal oud, ethereal, captivating, delicious. Island oud with cool green and vanilla. And notes that remind me of some feel oud Sabah and Sumatra oils with a Borneo flavor, florals and almost tutti frutti sweetness.
N.S. (Australia)

Gorgeous scent with blue/ purple hue. There are gentle kinamic notes that weave in and out. The brain buzz is equal to sitting in a room with Sumatra wood sizzling on low heat. Stunning oil!!!
N.C. (USA)

Next to Darul , this is about the most base heavy oil I experienced. I’d swear I put Darul on by mistake... This a serious oud. Big boy kind of stuff.
P.O. (USA)

Royal Sumatra is on the way to claiming the biggest beast title.
M.B. (USA)

Its a pillar of light. It vibrates the strongest and a calm/smooth vibration ..amazing
C.X. (Cyprus)

Bro... RS... I love it more than Malaya. The blue icey scent just captivates me
Customer (USA)

Royal Sumatra is one bad mamma jama whooweeee
N.C. (USA)

Bro!!! Sumatra really is something else
N.C. (USA)

I love the way Sumatra smells. Probably my fave so far
M.I. (UK)

RS and RM in particular
Whenever I smell those two, I close my eyes and actually feel a buzzing voltage sound with each whiff
M.I. (UK)

RS is a dream come true. Really greatful
If i had the means i buy the whole darn batch
T.D. (USA)

That ones a true beauty
Customer (USA)

The sumatra is blossoming daily, have to try and put it down before I use it all
A.N. (USA)

It might just be me, but I draw parallels between Walla Patta and Royal Sumatra! It’s incredible. Your technique set the stage for this to truly shine. No jungle, Damp aroma whatsoever.
S.G. (USA)

Hazrat, the Royal Sumatra oh my Lord! Talk about short circuiting my brain! Wowowow as soon as I took off the cap of the bottle I was taken back to the same spot where you first applied the oil when it came out fresh and brand new.
The shock of its beauty which hit me back hard then, hit me with more power now! This stuff is unlike any oil I have tried! Really honored and humbled!!
A.K. (USA)