Oud Product

Siam SK

This oil, along with her sister Siam 4K, marked a significant milestone in Agar Aura's history.
Getting their raw materials shipped - unmanned - to Malaysia for distillation and receiving them safe and sound, is what kept our distillation boilers bubbling and kept Agar Aura alive.
Based on this, we got numerous other batches of wood from Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam shipped over to Malaysia for distillation.

Siam 4K was a full-blown royal grade distillation... with a price tag to match.
Siam SK was distilled from wood from the exact same harvest, but a tiny notch below (solid high grade).
Those of you who have tried Agar Aura sister oils before... think Royal Malaya vs Cintaku, Bhamo vs Kyoryoku, or Luang vs Somu.

Siam SK smells like a nugget of 'Super King' (hence 'SK' in the name) grade wild Thai agarwood placed on a live coal.
Hints of grape skin (like wild Pursat Cambodian) and honeydew melon (North Vietnamese). Bittersweet (think dark chocolate without actually smelling like chocolate), a dash of white pepper, wildflowers, 'hot' honey (like buckwheat or manuka), a hint of menthol, roasted spices, and a suggestion of vanilla-sweetened milk.

If Siam 4K was too vaporous and bright for you, if you loved the aroma but wished it was darker and 'heavier' smelling, Siam SK has your name written all over it.

Deeply satisfying oudiness, insane longevity, and a scent profile with no offensive or off-putting notes; Siam SK is an ambassador of Thailand that shows how wonderful wild oud from the Land of Smiles can be.

Note: the scent profile of Siam SK is literally identical to Siam 4K, just 'heavier' smelling.
If you are into heating raw agarwood chips, imagine the difference between gently heating wood slivers vs roasting them at a higher temperature (before wood fiber combustion occurs though).
Siam 4K's profile is the former, and Siam SK's profile is the latter.

I swear I know Siam sk from somewhere but I think it’s just hitting me in the sweet spot between Siam 4K and Vietnan SK. Wow it’s great.
G.R. (USA)

Excellent Oil with great projection Very beautiful
E.B. (USA)

Bittersweet opening with some green/grassy aroma to it. Followed by juicy succulent fruity sweetness and continuation of the bitterness. Dries down to citrusy sweetness rather quickly. Reminds me of a lot of other SK oils from AA plus Tia Sang. In fact, very similar to Tia Sang (Vietnamese) but not as sweet or bitter as the latter.
Z.M. (USA)

Marvelous. Seems to have that something that Siam 4K does not.
Z.W. (USA)

What it does is a whole body hit!!! It sent shivers down my spine. It’s probably the most soothing of the oils I have. Though the light buzz is there it just gives me tingly fingers and shuts my 🧠 down. I’m amazed.
M.M. (Spain)

I wore Siam SK last night and could smell it this morning. The brain-numbing quality is second to none. The drydown is very puzzling. It was like grounded cocoa beans (I mean after about 12h of application)!
M.M. (Spain)