Oud Product

Malay Magnifique

With it's delectable notes of strawberry shortcake and blossoms, Royal Jerai possessed one of my most favorite – and one of the rarest – Malaysian oud scent profiles ever. Despite possessing an overall deep and heavy aroma, it had those uplifting and delightful 'pretty' notes taming the otherwise overly-masculine scent profile.

In that, Malay Magnifique is one of only three Malaysian oud oils we have ever distilled, perfectly balancing those classic rugged Malaysian flavors with prettier (dare I say, more feminine?) notes.

Thick around the bottom and mid-section, but crowning a pointy frosty tiara... if you've tried our oils Suka Cita or Royal Malinau, then you'll find Malay Magnifique resembling these two Indonesian oils more than our Malay oils – not in scent, but in texture.

Strawberry and blossom notes abound, but they are accompanied by the green-gold notes of Kirana - and in that, Malay Magnifique is yet again one of only two Malaysian oud oils we've made with gold sparkling across the palette. 
Classic Malaysian oud notes of dry rugged woods, cola, nutmeg, and gula melaka round of the scent profile.

Malay Magnifique has been sitting and aging for a long time, and happens to be our oldest distillation presently at hand. To date, everyone who sampled this oil loved it. And almost everyone who tried it ended up getting a bottle (or more).

From deep and dark valleys, to soaring frosty peaks; rugged bold flavors, to delicate and pretty notes... there's nothing to dislike and everything to love in Malay Magnifique.