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Nashila is one of only two oud oils whose scent can be described as being 'blindingly bright black' (the only other one being Syed's Ascent).
But Syed's Ascent was oud of the Filaria species from Merauke. You either love Filaria, or you hate it. If you're in the second camp, you now have reason to rejoice, because Nashila is the Indian equivalent of Syed's Ascent.

The 'black' component is straightforward, its a deep resinous oudy marrow intertwined with frozen agarwood smoke.
The 'bright' aspect is what is most fascinating, comprising of green, blue, gold, and pink notes.
Green like green frankincense or Taifi rose (citrusy rose). Blue like cool mountain air (à la Hindustan No.1). Gold like a combination of the classic Indian oud notes of sweet hay along with buttery sandalwood (opulent body). Pink like candy floss.
No barn.

The wood raw material for Nashila was virtually the same grade as what was used for crafting Hindustan No.1. As for the wood quality (quality ≠ grade), it was in fact far superior due to the virgin state of the jungle it was harvested from.

So why is Nashila nearly $1,000 less per bottle, compared to Hindustan No.1?
Simple really. Compare the price of newly-discovered sinking grade old-growth agarwood from the Philippines to the price of inferior agarwood from other, more exhausted, countries. It sells for a fraction of the price, despite being superior.
Scarcity drives up prices, plenitude pushes prices down.

In India, this jungle just recently opened for business. Whereas the other jungles in India cough up barely a single high grade tree per year (net sinking-grade wood barely reaching a single kilo), this 'new' jungle stands in stark contrast, dishing out agarwood that easily surpasses all her fellow jungles in India.

Devoid of unpleasant notes, copiously rich, and boasting a delightfully broad spectrum of scent notes, you don't come across Indian oud like this every day.

I just needed to say how beautiful Nashila is. I truly got misty eyed when I put it on. Wow.
W.H. (USA)

A very unique hindi indeed . There's so much going on at once, it's hard to catch everything sometimes. The notes all interplay with each other due to the fact of it being a pretty young oil. Op broke down the scent notes nicely.
I get a blue moutanious airyness in the opening with a rasberry jam note . Just as op stated it's met with a citrus fruity scent at the end . To me it's like pineapples . Sometimes i get a malty hay note as well in the opening somewhat reminiscent to assam 3k by ensar oudh. This morning when I applied it, it wasn't there anymore lol.
After about 5 min I get a slight pine tree note that is really mellow . And sometimes resin like burned notes. Almost tar like .
The dry down..... It's like there isn't a dry down for me . Everyrhing just mixes so well it's really hard to pinpoint and describe it . Its like sweet mellow hay . Tea like notes. I'm sure a more experienced nose will be able to pick out the more finer and subtle nuances .
T.D. (USA)

My gawd. Taha wasn’t joking. This is one for the ages kinda oil. What a peacock. Like birds of paradise. Dazzling and mesmerizing.
R.S. (Canada)

Total work of art. Peacock tail in full glory. So much going on but in a cohesive manner and in full 4K Hd resolution. A must try for real students of oud.
R.S. (Canada)

Nashila is an instant
T.Q. (Singapore)

Top notch oil, so many colours, so beautifully orchestrated.
N.S. (Australia)

This oil has really opened my eyes (read nose) to the colours in oud oils and this one has them in spades.
N.S. (Australia)

Nashila smells like the best old leather case you could ever imagine with some pungent but well controlled spices, with rays of gold sunshine coming through an old cathedral stained glass window. Damn.
Has an "ancient" smell. But, in a way like it was pristinely preserved for millennia.
P.O. (USA)

Yesterday I received a sample of the Nashila wood. When I was able to heat it last night, oh my it was a exact match of the oil. After the first initial hit, I quickly opened my bottle of Nashila and was shocked on how identical the aroma of wood and oil were.
All the colorful notes present in the oil were also present in the wood.
It was really fascinating to see, how AgarAura was able to capture the aroma of wood inside the oil. Truly a genius at work!
A.K. (USA)

Today I got to revisit the Nashila again. The sheer power of this oil is nothing short of phenomenon. A dot meaning something you might not even consider being removed from the bottle was applied to the top of my left 3rd finger knuckle. As I am sitting here writing this post, the sheer power of this oil is filling my nostrils as if I applied that dot straight in my nostrils.
The beautiful leather along with so many other colors all intertwining with each other is so perfect!
A.K. (USA)

I’m getting a brain buzz and relaxation… its quite calming
N.C. (USA)