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If Royal Malinau and Miri Royale floated your boat, Oriana will rock it.
These 3 oils represent three different facets of the most legendary aroma in the entire island of Borneo: Aquilaria Microcarpa. One Indonesian, one Malaysian, and Oriana - Bruneian.

Why most Bruneian oils smell like bugspray, why most Indonesian Borneo oils smell like stale peanut shells and fertilizer, and why most Malaysian Borneo oils just smell.. wrong.. can ultimately be traced back to one main (and most unexpected) reason: they are not Microcarpa species oud oils.
There is of course the rampant adulteration, the use of low grade wood and a long list of other reasons too. But if there's one scent profile that is loved by one and all, its from this elusive species.

The reason why its hard to find 100% Microcarpa-species oils is twofold:
1- the trees are significantly smaller than their cousin species Malaccensis: its possible to harvest only a small fraction of the quantity of wood per tree in comparison to her gigantic Malaccensis cousin.
2- Unlike Oriana, 99% of oud oils are distilled from "oil-grade" wood, NOT the densely resinated type of black chips one sees being sold for burning. Microcarpa and Hirta species yield very little oil-grade wood, making it the least likely candidate for distillation.

Take Royal Malinau, and wash it in green-gold and blue. Or take Miri Royale, turn its green-gold hue a brighter yellow, and add deep azure blue edges to the scent profile. You get Oriana.
All three of these oils represent the finest Microcarpa scent profile of the three most prized regions in Borneo island - one each in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Oriana is a buzz bomb, so buzzaholics take note.
As for the scent profile: Bay leaf and clove, white flowers, peppermint, betel nut, melon, and ending with the most mouthwatering notes of blue berries and sumptuous blue lotus.

Genuine Bruneian oils aren't easy to come by (most are distilled from wood that was harvested in the neighboring Malaysian State of Sarawak, and smuggled into Brunei).
High grade, even harder.
Microcarpa, almost impossible.

What's the big deal... One swipe will reveal.

Oriana for me is like Bhamo - heavy hitting, green, 🧠⚡️
J.W. (USA)

I have more than 1 high end Brunei pieces and can find very close similarities to each with Oriana
J.W. (USA)

In Royal Malinau and Oriana, I can pick up that resinous aroma even without trying.
Z.M. (USA)

Btw superb oils, the trio of Royal Malinau, Oriana and Miri Royale...
Z.M. (USA)

Yeah just noticed oriana has green medicinal vibe
N.R. (Oman)

Oriana way more clearer. like a malinau but on a more different scent spectrum.
oh yeah ouf oriana is buzz galore. Oriana , Royal Jerai , Royal Miri all share this bitter green scent in the start.
T.D. (USA)

Oriana off the bottle smells wow!! Has similarities with {...}
Liking Oriana and it’s 🧠⚡
N.C. (USA)