Oud Product

Miri Royale

After the hunting expeditions in the Philippines, Agar Aura's most extensive hunting was conducted in West Malaysian Borneo: Sarawak.

Borneo island is shared by three countries. In terms of the most prized oud regions in Borneo, Indonesia's got Malinau, Brunei's got Labi, and Malaysia has... Miri.

Miri Royale holds a special place in my heart. Like the Filipino hunting projects, the Sarawak expeditions that I had funded ended with the wood getting stolen and being sold to other buyers.
And so, Miri oud was one of the two 'girls that got away'.
...until now.

The classic Miri agarwood is the same species as Malinau, and so there are a lot of 'pretty' scent notes.
The grade of the wood was awesome, so you can expect a mighty zap to the brain with every whiff of the oil.
The quality was excellent too, so there's a lot of richness and a very diverse scent palette.

The raw material was the same grade and quality as the wood distilled for making Royal Malinau and Malaya, so if you have smelled those two oils it should give you a good idea what to expect with Miri Royale.

Unlike the majority of Borneo "oud" oils that smell like vetiver and stale peanut shells (i.e. spiked with Kayu Adau oil, hardly any Borneo oud oil cooked nowadays is pure), this is pure OUD from head to toe.
Yes, the top notes are potent, and yes the base is mighty and dense, however like any great Aquilaria Microcarpa oud oil, Miri Royale is all about the thick heart notes.

The opening notes are bright, crystalline, honey-floral, with a dollop of raspberry jam and a touch of mint. Brunei's Labi jungle is a stone's throw away, so its not surprising that the floral bouquet is very similar; narcotic and dense. Just when Bruneian blueberry notes barely start to emerge, the Malaysian cinnamic-peppery notes come out as well, reminding that this oil is, after all, Malaysian. The base is intense resin, creamy wood, and golden sunshine.

There are oils that are pretty, there are others which are brutish and intense. Then there are those oud oils that are sublimely beautiful and pack a mighty punch too. Royal Maluku was one such oud. Miri Royale is another.

In the entire island of Borneo, tragically Sarawak's jungles have been eradicated more than any other region (cleared by lumber companies, and replaced by plantations).

This is your chance to experience a rare oud oil from Sarawak, from her most prized jungle Miri no less. An oud that stands tall and proud, shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Royal Malinau and Malaya.