Oud Product


So you love Koh Chang, and still can't wrap your head around how awesome it is for the price.

Ready to jump from the stratosphere to the exosphere?

We are proud to present Somu, another oud from the very same harvest, but a league ahead of Koh Chang and in fact rubbing shoulders with many of our fully royal-grade oils like Malaya and Prachin Special K – but for half the price.

As if the yield for Koh Chang wasn't already great, the yield for the Somu brew in comparison was double. So you can imagine the caliber of the raw material and it's rich concentration of mind-bending compounds.

The name of the game is honey-floral resinousness. And for most of you, when you experience this oil, THIS is the aroma you will get when heating raw Koh Chang wild agarwood chips.
There is still the breezy-islandy quality you find in Koh Chang – further amplified, in fact. There is an additional umami facet, which brings it closer to the true scent of the raw wood.
The spices are more vivid, the florals more narcotic, and as for the thick oudy marrow... Dense folding layers of bittersweet syrupy resin and caramel à la vintage-harvest Indochinese agarwood chips on your burner.

By now, most folks have noticed that since 2017 (the start of the hand-crafting era) Agar Aura has been increasingly focusing on ultra high end distillations, which entails:
(1) tracking down awesome raw materials with high concentrations of mind-bending medicinal compounds,
(2) squeezing out the truest purest unwarped aroma of those raw materials – mind-buzz intact.

Considering the increasing difficulty and cost of finding such agarwood, naturally it pushes Agar Aura's royal-grade oils out of reach for a large portion of oud consumers.
If that's been the case for you, or if until now you've only viewed oud as being a 'nice-smelling perfume oil', there is no better way to introduce yourself to the world of upper-echelon mind-zapping oud oils than Somu.

Far from the stinky poorly-distilled oud oils of yesteryears, and the low-grade flat anemic 'but pleasant smelling' oud oils of today, Somu is the perfect introduction to a breed of oud oils one seldom gets to experience.
And for this price, almost never.

I wore some yesterday and I've had some on all afternoon. I absolutely love it!
I've smelled a lot of Thai oud oils and this one is hands down that best!
I've never smelled one with such prominent floral notes. It's a truly amazing smell!
T.J. (USA)

What I get is a coffee opening, then floral-citrus-honey, then turmeric-honey-resin. These AA Thais... I say turmeric, but if you stuck your nose into some flowers and turned the volume up to eleven, it would smell like this. Then a no-funk, no-dirt, or musk-Chinese styled, high-resin meyer lemon/orange note.
Taha; his Cambodis are Vietnamese and his Thais are Chinese.
A.N. (USA)

Today I finally had a moment of piece and quiet to try Somu and Luang. When I tried Koh Chang and Luang before I didn’t see any connection between the two and Somu made that connection. The sweetness of Koh chang is toned down and the floral is enhanced by the resinous of Luang. I think I love Somu more at this point.
J.L. (USA)

Somu has different hit to it. More stronger. Reminds me of something. Not coming to my mind
N.R. (Oman)

Somu, Kyoryoku when tried you get the coolness that pierces inn where as with Bhamo it's a complete circle and the end result is a momentary numbness at the end of the breath.
A.P. (UAE)

Somu and bhamo has brain fried me.
A.P. (UAE)

Very spicy kinamic say bitter one and borneo feel..
I find somu much more stronger… But somu smells superb as f now on my skin. It has zestyness in base also
P.P. (India)

So, I tried Somu yesterday which is mid grade luang and man... wow. I said mulia was a no brainer kinda oil but somu even more. The sheer beauty of the oil would've made me guess it was atleast 2x the price. Its got similarities to MSK (surprisingly )and has a good buzz as well. Highly recommend
T.D. (USA)

yep, borderless oud indeed. It's not the sweet, pleasant type crassna for sure. More like a musky perfume? Doesn't smell fruity, doesn't smell like tobacco, etc, the common traits of crassna (thai or cambodia). Only in the dry down I was able to identify the crassna identity, even then, more like a good 'ol, refined wild cambodi
M.S. (Malaysia)