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Our old Thai oils like Rakoku Jinkoh and Mardelong demonstrated that the common stigma of Thai oils lacking seriousness and richness do not always hold true.
Then along came Pra Rachini and Prachin Special K, and took Thai oud to a whole other level.

Enter stage, Luang. The finest Thai oud distilled in Agar Aura history's – and as far as I know, ever distilled.

Koh Chang set the stage by demonstrating just how amazing oud oils distilled from old-growth agarwood can smell, and specifically from Koh Chang island. Its aroma was nothing like what most folks associate with Thai oud.
But whereas Koh Chang was an intro-level oil, albeit very high quality, Luang is a top shelf heavy-hitter in every regard; not only distilled from oleoresin-dense wood (high grade), but the wood itself was ancient old-growth agarwood (high quality).

With the sole aim of capturing the truest essence (aroma and mind-buzz) of the raw material, the wood was flown to Malaysia, the distillation was meticulously choreographed, and then hand-crafted with utmost precision and care.

The raw materials checked all the right boxes so it was already a given that the oil would be tremendous.

But what you have read thus far is not enough to prepare you for your first encounter with Luang.
There are some ouds that make your heart skip a beat, make a chance tear fall from your eye, or black the world out.
Ouds like this are few and far between.
Luang is one such oud.

Like the wood, it possesses one of the most unusual symphonies you can imagine in a single-origin oud. Cooling Borneo-type notes meet dark Papuan jungle. Gooey Malaysian and Bruneian resin drizzled over an opulent green-oil kyara heart. The smoke of bubbling Hong Kong or Hainan Super King grade agarwood nuggets and sizzling old-school Cambodian agarwood chips dancing together.
Had I not personally inspected the raw material five miles from Koh Chang and then flown it to Malaysia and distilled it myself, and instead had I smelled an oil like this without ever having smelled Koh Chang agarwood before, I would have guessed it was a co-distillation of agarwood from at least four different jungles.
This oud sets the bar for richness, complexity, and dynamism.

Luang. A royal treat for the finickiest oud connoisseurs.

Very nice green opening with layers that drys down very deeply.
Great projection and silage.
E.B. (USA)

I have to say the Luang is exceptional. All of your Thai oils have given a totally new perspective on Thai oud.
T.J. (USA)

When I applied Luang, everything felt calm and exactly right.
A.K. (USA)

Maaaaaan… Slap to the face with a nice knee for added measure. Its like crack dude. Instant hit… Boooom
🤯🤯🤯🤯 Even more than malaya
This somu is like a baby sister compared to luang. Luangs opening woodsy note smells AINCIENT, like a billion years old. Mid notes do get similar but man i cant even expalim the scent cuz its like nothing ive tried. It is similar to somu but there is this other aspect i cant pinpoint.
Its got both man beauty and brawns. Very very powerful mind buzz… And direct
T.D. (USA)

Luang has everything that Somu has and more.
Z.M. (USA)

Longevity is excellent . I have Luang for 13 hours and still potent.
I.S. (USA)

Luang is just wow man… Buzz scent everything.
Customer (USA)

Luang has a very vintage/aged vibe to it.
I.S. (USA)

First impression, a synthesis of anything BUT thai crassna (even for wild). Throughout most of the scent progression, I'd still say it's not thai crassna. Very distinct borneo-ish opening, then it transforms into what feels like northern Malaccensis (Perak state, royal belum and the like). A blind test would lead me to Sabah. Very very intriguing to know it's from Koh Chang island, and it's crassna. If you're into ouducation, this is one of the "study material" one should not miss out on.
A.S. (Malaysia)

Agar aura Luang... kyaralicous thai is how I would describe it
D.M. (USA)

To me Luang share the oudy resinous backbone with Royal Sumatra and Bhamo that I really love.
J.L. (USA)

Opens with green medicinal note and it's a power opening which hits you hard. Later the oils settles in well. Suddenly I draw parallel to Luang's opening with Bhamo's ... this oil has some Burmese DNA or I'm just aw struck by Bhamo... I'm sure Taha was fooled in believing the wood for this oil is Thai... no ways its Thai ... it is 100% Really old HK Sinensis wood... the reason I draw this conclusion is because I have notice similar notes in a vintage piece of wood I bought from Dr Incense... the yellow oil Kyara and green oil Kyara notes are pretty evident to my nose but more yellow I think.... I'm really impressed with this oil ... tempted to get a bottle
D.P. (India)

It has a great mind effect on me!  Love it. 
Z.W. (USA)

The one that surprised me the most was Luang. Very powerful and piercing, yet nothing like ( in my opinion) Koh Chang.
A.E. (UK)

This one is like a lightning strike with an Airy piercing top note to a Kinamic drydown it's a joy ride. Got a good 10 hrs longevity today with some good projection.
A.P. (UAE)

This is a powerful oil that provides an all day sinensis dry down that is so nice - I will catch wafts of it for the rest of Today!
J.W. (USA)

This morning I tried Luang. There is definitely a buzz and the word that comes to mind is “stimulating”. But it smells so different from Koh Chang. I wouldn’t know they are related at all.  It doesn’t have the sweetness Koh Chang has and Koh Chang is much closer to Tia Sang to me. Luang is so much more complex. It changes along the way. There is note close to RM and other ones I have no name for.
J.L. (USA)

So Luang was a surprise! But my question is how does a Thai oil smell like this? So focused, in my head I am imagining it as a laser beam. And where the hell all that mint came from? This is amazing!
N.K. (Canada)