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Vietnan Special K

For seasoned oud connoisseurs, "wild Vietnamese" is enough, as a selling point. There is no agarwood that is as prized as genuine wild Vietnamese agarwood. The oud oil distilled from such wood... even more precious.
Crafted from wild-harvested agarwood from Ha Tinh, Vietnam, Vietnan Special K in fact offers even more.

Kinam / Kyara used to be the thing of fables; those who had experienced it's legendary aroma were few and far between.
Today, with prices for genuine kinam soaring far beyond the budgets of mere mortals (the highest grades reaching as high as $25mil per kilogram), it's pushed even further away from our reach.

Our 'Special K' oils are as close to genuine wild kinam as you can get - without the hefty price tag.
Then came Kinam Attar and Khmer Kinam, utilizing a variety of our Special K oils, and suddenly a whole lotta folks who were previously unversed in high end oud oils - let alone kinam - got a taste of what Kinam smells like.
(A part of Vietnan Special K is reserved for making the next Kinam Attar installment, stay tuned for that!)

What makes Vietnan Special K so unique is that it's an all-in-one Kinam experience. And it's Vietnamese. Unlike the more lax Chinese definition (kinam), as per the stringent Japanese definition (Kyara), the agarwood has to come come from a select from jungles to qualify as genuine kyara.
And the most prized of them all: Vietnam.

Ha Tinh in Vietnam is the eastern-most frontier, opening into the South China Sea, and then 150 miles to the east is Hainan: the second-most revered source of kinam.

Here's what makes Vietnan Special K an all-in-one K bomb:
For starters, the scent profile is literally like a fusion of Vietnanese and Hainanese flavors. There's the sweeter facets of Vietnam perfectly balancing the more serious bitter facets of Hainan.
But even more amazingly, it possesses all four flavors of kyara; white, yellow, green, and black. To date, I have never smelled an oil that possesses all four flavors.
White kyara, like Prachin Special K,
Yellow kyara, like Pursat 4K,
Green kyara, like Vietnam Special K and Kiyosumi,
Black kyara, like Wanmei and Koh Kong 4K,
...all rolled up into one sumptuous, otherworldly, kyaralicious cocktail.

Dry black tea, steeped Oolong tea, minty honey, vanilla cream, cinnamon, white and black pepper, zesty rugged woods, goopy sweet resin... all the kyara flavors in one stunning oil.

In a scale 1-10 I 'll give to VSK a 9,5...for Royal Myanma...well difficult to describe...maybe ....even more 😃😃😃😃.
A.C. (Portugal)

Vietnan Special K is special, indeed. All I can say is: WOW. It's so refined and balanced. WOW.
After spending last few days with Vietnan Special K and Blue Malay I have to admit among all oils I had a pleasure and honour to experience, these two are the ones I couldn't stand without now. 
J.G. (Poland)

Kinam profile is profound in Vietnan sk.
M.M. (Australia)

Yesterday, I tried a small dot of Vietnan Special K on my hand and the experience was quite different in terms of scent, but the best part was the application which you've suggested! I was dumbstruck. It's not a brain freeze! It's
It's a very hot oil. It's a complete opposite of Blue Malay! I must sound crazy, but that's how I perceive it!
It gave me a warm feeling, soothing, puzzling, relaxing... Sort of nothing else matters but this moment and this smell!
And the smell!!! Powerful, brown hues with specks of orange. Roasted cocoa shells right from the start (of course, it's just the first impression). Fresh mahogany wood. Perhaps even candied orange peel.
M.M. (Spain)

Probably my favorite Oud I have.
G.R. (USA)

This is the oil I have been longing for over the course of my “Oud Journey”. Pure kinamic notes stemming from a co-distillation of Vietnamese and Hainan agarwood. On swipe, the oil is somewhat quiet, but, as if it were on a kodo heater, it slowly whisps up, and reveals icy-green Kyara, laced with a buttery yellow mind-buzz, and then piercing bitterness. On drydown, the Hainan woody-ness takes over. Perfectly medicinal. Completely bitter. I want to give this oil a few more applications before I attempt to describe it in more detail, but in short, it’s earth-shatteringly stunning. I almost crashed my car when I was smelling my wrist, completely entranced by this oil. Sorry Suka Cita, move over, I’ve got a new favorite AA oil.
J.B. (USA)

This one left me speechless, I had no associations, I liked it, but was missing words to describe it
B.S. (Austria)

I have studied the Vietnan SK quite some time (and compared to Hansei, got my hands on a .5g of this one and I love it). What I get from VSK is rooibos and ginseng, drenched in a concoction of sweet creamy milk, honey, blonde tobacco (just a hint) and a little fruitiness (maybe plum?) and a slight amount of medicinal herbs (green herbs, similar to Hansei). But also a „red“ tobacco-ish feel!
Really exciting how my perception of the scent has changed the more I smell it!
Is that milky, honey concoction a kinamic scent?
L.D. (Germany)

Vietnan Special K is remarkable. It is a chameleon, changing scent each time I visit it. The layers of scent are wonderfully married, and one weaves in and out of each of them on a phenomenally high journey.
It's powerful enough that I'm actually having trouble typing! Oudstanding -- I meant to type outstanding -- high and truly one of a kind.
H.F. (USA)

Vietnan spécial k
🤯 🧠 💥🥵😱🥶🪵
S.T. (France)

Vietnam spécial k is definitely out of categories...  i tryed 3 times for thé moment ...  I lived each time a different experience...  same soûle but the last time I found something very interesting...  i found Borneo profile ... how it’s possible ... 
S.T. (France)

I love the smell of Vietnamese kyara [sic. heated wood] in the morning 😋 It's smells like...
Vietnan Special K 😄
J.G. (Poland)

I’m not interested in any oud any vendor has to offer except Agar Aura Vietnan Special K. remember when u first released Al-Syed Ceylon no.1 and u said u couldn’t describe it. Same thing with me and Vietnan Special K. just a masterpiece and according to me the summit of all ouds. bro this is something else honestly i duno how u did it masha Allaah.
A.H. (U.K.)

The Vietnam oil blew me away from the first swipe. The Kinamic aspects are vivid, striking explosions and yet it has all the sweet savory leathery parts of something like a high tier Nha Trang oil. It feels complete even though I understand it’s still quite young. My girl was listening to a story I was telling her and placed her hand right on the Oud oil on my arm. I said, “I don’t think you want to do that: OUD.” She made a grossed-out face and smelled her hand. But then she said, “ohhhhhh this smells expensive. I might have to wear this myself.” So obviously I need to hide it from her.
G.R. (USA)

This is the oil ive been chasing! The whispy green opening with that kinamic bitter drydown is amazing.
J.G. (USA)